Women of all ages are shocked and devastated

When they are diagnosed with breast cancer. This is stressful for the patient and for everyone who cares about her. Regardless of her age, the mother is equally traumatized. The mother has protected this “child” from the time she was an infant until she became independent, no matter how far they lived from each other.

The mother feels helpless

because she knows that she personally can do little to make the situation better because it is out of her control. This is when the daughter needs the emotional support the mother has always given. Positive emotional support and sharing the psychological burden that breast cancer causes is a most effective way for a mother to be helpful.

MSDBC emerged as the outcome of a mother’s experience

when she had difficulty coping with her daughter’s diagnosis of breast cancer. This non-profit organization helps provide ways to support daughters during the various phases of recovery, enabling mothers to provide emotional support which, for some, lasts a lifetime.

Our Mission

Our mission at MSDBC is to provide support to mothers of daughters with breast cancer, providing the optimum support mothers need to help them, in turn, support their daughters, so they can jointly cope with the effects breast cancer has on them as women, as mothers, and as daughters, to provide support to mothers that is tailored to their individual needs.

Provide Information
… to provide basic medical information about breast cancer as a disease and the various treatments that patients may receive. There is power in information and by having information the patient’s mother is better prepared about what to expect and how to help her daughter and herself cope with each phase of care.

Provide a Communication Network
… to provide a local, regional and national communication network for mothers and daughters to communicate with and receive support from other mothers and daughters who are also currently experiencing or have experienced in the past the impact that breast cancer has on them as women and as mother and daughter to one another.

Stay Informed
… to receive at designated intervals a newsletter for mother volunteers containing updates about breast cancer research initiatives, innovative treatments, educational programs available about breast cancer, and legislative information about regulations associated with breast care and treatment.

Participate in Awareness Campaigns
… to participate whenever possible in local, regional and national efforts to increase breast cancer awareness and promote breast cancer prevention.

Our Board Members

  • Frank Adams
  • Bunny Adams
  • Charmayne Dierker
  • Frank Dierker
  • Lillie Shockney, RN
  • Sue Speakman
  • Thomas Speakman
  • Robert Willard
  • Lynda Stapleton
  • Gary Fellows
  • Gail Fellows

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