Get Individual Support from Someone Who Cares

Every effort will be made to “match” you with a mother volunteer whose daughter is close in age, has had the same type of breast cancer, and same type of treatment. Whenever possible we will connect you with someone in your region. Over 10,000 women have already been helped.

All of our mother volunteers have daughters who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and completed their treatment. You will find each of them to be very helpful and supportive as you embark on the same journey with your own daughter.

We also have mother volunteers who specialize in providing support for specific types of treatment, such as bone marrow or stem cell transplant.

If your daughter also wishes to be in touch with other women who are currently under treatment for breast cancer and are similar in age, type of breast cancer and treatment, please let us know this as well.

We are fortunate in that we have access to mother volunteers who can reach others in a variety of ways — telephone, email, fax, or by letter, and in some special situations, even face to face. So no matter where you are we are available to help you.

Email us at for support or call 1-410-778-1982.

Free Booklet for Mothers

This is a special booklet prepared for mothers who have had a daughter diagnosed with breast cancer. It provides a list of free resources for obtaining medical information about the disease itself; suggestions as to ways in which a mother can offer her daughter assistance physically and emotionally; and methods to help a mother personally cope psychologically so that her attention can be directed toward supporting her daughter at a time when a mother’s support is greatly needed. Email us at for your free book.

Free Booklet for Daughters

This is a booklet prepared for a daughter. It provides information about the difficulties a mother may be experiencing and how a daughter might help her mother by directing her into helpful and supportive behavior. It provides some suggestions on to how to broach the subject, as well as how to open and maintain good communications with other family members. Email us at for your free book.

The Patient Resource Cancer Guide publications and Web site prepare newly diagnosed and newly re-staged cancer patients to become their own advocates. The goal of Patient Resource Publishing is to empower cancer patients by giving them the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available to assist them in planning their treatment and choice of medical facility. We believe an informed patient, a patient who is proactive in choosing the right facility and treatment for his or her type of cancer, is a patient who stands a better chance of survival. To read more or order a free copy, go to

Email us at for support or call 1-410-778-1982.


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